Bart Reed's Devin C

Subject: Devin
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 22:13:14 -0500
From: Les Honke <>
To: markreed, bartreed

Hello Mark and Bart

I look after the Western Canada Corsa web page at I have a bunch of photos here of your Devin that I'd like to place on the page but I have no information on the car at all. If you have the time I sure would appreciate some info on your car; like specs, it's history with you, what work has been done, etc etc. Also if you have a link to some Devin info on the net I can go there and pick some stuff up as well.  Basically I would like to be able to caption the photos and do up a "members rides" feature similar to the one that was done for Bording's 66 Turbo.