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Last Updated:

27 Oct 2002

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September 29, 2001

The Doctor goes to White Rock this year, and turns some heads!

Corvairitis Treatment Day travelled to Elgin Heritage Farm in White Rock and was it a hit! The folks from the City of Surrey estimate that over 500 people came through the gates to check out the farm and the 'vairs on the grounds.

One of CTDs strengths is that every year brings a new venue. This year's setting was Elgin Heritage Farm. Right on the ocean with a small marina the grounds are home to a half dozen buildings all dating from the 19th century. They retain their Victorian charm and provided a perfect backdrop to our annual gathering of Corvair enthusiasts.

Long Distance award this year went to Wayne and Cecilia McMullen from Glide, Oregon, bringing their '63 Spyder convertible a total of 560 miles. Not quite the Honkes' record from last year, but still an impressive distance!

Every year CTD is in a new location, and every year a new group of faces comes out to join in the fun. While I can't recall all those out for treatment for their first time, some are worth mentioning. Bob Gilbert, a long time supporter, but up until now only able to participate through the email list server, came all the way from Cranbrook to attend. He has infected his son Jason with Corvairitis and brought him along too. Another well known list member Charles Wrobel came out and introduced himself and his Corvan "Leonard" to everybody. Also, after having his 'vair off the road for the last couple of years, a man who has worked hard to support WCC from behind the scenes for many years now, Mark Reed finally made it to his first CTD. New 'vair owners Bill and Nan Heather, Robert Moore, and Don Sr and Glenda Ross all came out to join in the fun. John Linke was a surprise, as was his trick Toro Conversion Corv-8. Other long time 'vair owners that were in for their first dose of treatment were Syd Sloan, Yvon Lauzon, Glen Killenback, and all around car nut Tevie Smith. The Ross's came all the way from Kamloops, but unfortunately "Buttercup" ( their 'vair everybody on the email list took a shot at naming ) was feeling a little under the weather and couldn't make it. Wolfgang Tratzsch and Dave Decker also brought their 'vairs for the first time to CTD.

Tim Sirik was back after a one year hiatus, and his '65 coupe, which has just finished a nice restoration, took Best Daily Driver. Yvon Morais was also back after missing last year and he picked up where he left off, taking home Best Early Open once again for his immaculate 1963 Monza convertible.

CTD 2001 was also the first time WCC was able to put together an event that included a 'vair from every year of production! Mike Scoffield and his classic Slate Grey 1960 four door took care of the cave man end of things. Pat Williams came to the rescue with an "I bought it yesterday and drove it here" 1969 500 coupe! With a mere 6000 built in '69, it is the rarest of 'vair years in terms of overall production.

1961 was covered by John Fellon and his stunning black coupe, which took home Best Early Closed honours. Fellow American Ken Thomas won Best Specialty for the third time with his 1962 Monza station wagon.

T-shirt artist Don Ross took home Best Late Closed for two years running with his '65 Corsa. I should mention the t-shirts were a huge hit with all but four of these limited edition tees finding themselves on the backs of proud owners.

Once again, Best of Show and Best Late Open was a horse race between Doug Titus and his '66 turbo 'vert and Shawn Sirna with his Prowler Yellow '65 Monza 'vert ( happy face courtesy of Laura Rushworth ). Doug won Late Open for the second year running as did Shawn with another Best of Show honour.

Of course many of the more familiar WCC faces were in attendance, some of whom I'd like to thank for pitching in at CTD. Eric, Jim, Stephen, James, Steve, John, Jocelyn, Shaun, Laura and everybody else that made the day a success, be it big or small, "THANK YOU!"

Shaun McGarvey laid out a terrific cruise this year. It took us down the strip in White Rock. People stopped on the street, waved from their balconies, or simply stared at so many Corvairs cruising past. I think the best scene was near the end, as we idled down the main drag in Langley. The patio of one bar was packed with black leather clad bikers, who stood up en masse to observe the procession of Corvairs. What a sight!

One award, the Hard Luck award, wasn't handed out until after the post event dinner. With a damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead approach, Kent Sullivan never would say "die" and finally made it up for treatment at around 4 o'clock. The reasons for this are detailed in the newsletter, but suffice to say, it was well earned.

I have saved mentioning the President's Choice award until the very end. It is intended to recognize a WCC member's special effort made in restoring a 'vair or a notable feature that places it outside the ordinary. However, this year it went to a member who doesn't even own a Corvair, his son does! Winston Leckie is really the person singly responsible for making CTD happen this year. His extraordinary effort and dedication in the face of bureaucratic adversity, all with a smile ( almost ) all the time makes him the 2001 recipient with Thanks on behalf of all the WCC members who attended and had a great time!

Finally we need to say a big WCC "Thank You" to all of our terrific sponsors! This includes CORSA who decided to use WCC for a test promotion. It was a success and to date 9 members have taken advantage of it and joined or re-joined CORSA. Check out the registration form in the October 15th newletter - even if you have already paid your annual chapter dues, you can still take advantage of the CORSA promotion!

All of our sponsors are listed on the back page of the newsletter, make sure you take note of their names and do your best to patronize their businesses whenever possible. We couldn't do CTD without them.

Next year Corvairitis Treatment Day moves to Vancouver Island and the beautiful city of Victoria. Island members represent about 25% of our membership, and have been strong supporters of the chapter, whether it is folding newsletters and stuffing envelopes or taking the ferry off island to join in the fun. They have waited patiently for their chance to host CTD, and have a great weekend planned for next year! I hope you'll make the time to come out for your annual treatment. Same 'vair time! Same 'vair channel! The "Doctor" is "Out", until next September.

- Joel Rushworth

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