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Last Updated:

22 Mar 2003

Graphics & Web Design by Rick Kare

Western Canada CORSA’s first ever “Corvairitis Treatment Day” was a rousing success, with a turnout of over 30 cars from all over British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.  The long distance award was won by Jake Surline and Dick Parkes of Kamloops.

The day began at 7:00am with the first proud owners rolling into the parking lot at Locarno Beach.  By 11:00 our American guests arrived and the show began in earnest.  The location next to the beach provided a picturesque venue that also allowed easy access to an interested general public.

Possibly the best piece of promotion done to make the day a success was from Shaun McGarvey.  Keying on the 40th anniversary of the unveiling of the Corvair Shaun wrote a wonderful article that was published in the Vancouver Sun just prior to the event itself.  Numerous enthusiasts  unknown to WCC came out to inspect the cars based upon Shaun’s article.      Corvairs of every description came through the gate, all with owners badly in need of Western Canada CORSA’s special brand of treatment.  If you passed on bringing your ride because you felt it wasn’t show quality hopefully we can change your mind for next year.  All owners of Corvairs need treatment, and one of the favored methods is “shootin’ the breeze” with your vehicle on hand for reference. 

The daily driver award went to Jim Brossard of Bellvue Washington and his ‘slightly’ modified turbo 61 coupe, with over 300,000 miles on the odometer. Other awards went to the McGarvey’s for Best Early Closed and Yvon Morais with his gorgeous Honduras Maroon ‘63 which won Best Early Open.  Best Late Open went to Al Macleod for his beautiful ‘66 convertible.  I actually won Best Late Closed for my ‘66 Corsized Monza, and nobody was more surprised than me!

Due to the uncertainty of numbers and vehicle types, all other models of Corvairs were grouped into a “Specialty” category.  This meant Corv-8s, Lakewoods, Greenbriers, Corvans, Rampsides, Loadsides and Ultra Vans had to compete in the same class.  The winner was Bernie Pringle and his 327 V8 powered convertible.  The overall Best of Show went to a car that already has a wall full of awards, Doug Titus, from CORSA NW and his gorgeous LM turbo convertible.

Kudos to Joseph Parro for his time and effort setting up our afternoon cruise.  A slightly modified tour took 20 Corvairs around Vancouver, and through Stanley Park.  It has been many years since anybody has seen that many Corvairs nose to tail on this side of border.  That many cars created quite a sensation for young and old alike.  There were many a thumbs up, and supportive honks along the route.  I even witnessed a Gen-xer dashing across 4 lanes of traffic to catch a glimpse of the name plate on the side of the “nice ride, dude”. 

There was also a brief stop at Science World and the Vintage Car Club’s display of “100 Years of Automobiles”.  1964 was even represented by the McGarvey’s beautiful Ember red 500 coupe.

When we arrived parking was scarce, I mean, just where exactly do you park 20 odd Corvairs?  Fortunately Jocelyn McGarvey had the solution.  She jumped out at the head of column and immediately began directing cars up onto the sidewalk with all the confidence of a traffic cop!  100 year old cars or not, that many Corvairs in one place attracts a lot of attention.  Some members were so mobbed with questions they never even got a chance to take a spin around the display area.  And what a show it was.  The Vintage club surely  had as much fun putting such a unbelievable display on as we did viewing it, my hat goes off to them.

From there things moved onto the Granville Island Hotel and Brew Pub for a nice “get to know ya” meal.  Again kudos go to Joseph for picking a spot with juuuuust the right atmosphere.

     Corvairitis Treatment Day was so much fun we’re already planning to do it again next year. Mark your calendars!  The doctor will be available Sunday September 10th.  See you there!

Joel Rushworth

Till then, here are the pictures to remember them by!