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Note from Howard:

"A little bit about my favorite car, it is a 1965 turbo convertible.

I purchased the car in Hawsville Kentucky (the attached picture was taken in Hawsville).  Hawsville is a little bedroom community for both Evensville Indiana and Louisville Kentucky.

The car is Mist Blue with a metallic blue interior and white convertible top.  Other options are limited to a power top, an original AM/FM radio and wire wheel covers.

The car was in reasonable good shape but it is getting a full restoration:

- the trunk and floors are still original and not in bad shape,
- a lower windshield panel replacement had been performed at some time in the past.  A not bad job but will be redone to a perfect restoration,
- other bits of previous lower fender restoration will be redone,
- front seat upholstery, carpets and a new top boot
- new paint,
- minor front and rear suspension work, and
- drive-train to be overhauled at some point in the future

 In addition to this car I have two other 65 Monza Coupes and a 62 Monza four door.  I am in the market for a 65 Monza four door and a 62 Monza Wagon but would settle for a 61 Lakewood. "