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Campbell River 'Vairs

Many WCC members have heard about a huge stash of 'Vairs in Campbell River, and over the years it has developed into mythical proportions.  In November 2001 a group of us, (Rob Hall, Shaun McGarvey, Mike Wiermier, Shawn Sirna and Joel Rushworth) travelled up to Campbell River to finally get a closer look at this legendary place.  Ken Miller, a local WCC Member, kindly volunteered to be our guide and to introduce us to Don Proctor, the owner of these 'Vairs.  What we found were about a dozen 'Vairs that are, to various degrees, projects in one state or another.  We're hoping we can find homes for these and that they can be brought back to life over the next couple of years.  Contact Don Proctor at (250) 830-1167 for directions and more information.


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'64 700 4door
Style 769
Build 1-3-6
Body 264436
Trim 731
Paint C
B70 A67
3spd 20698mi
'66 Red/Red 110/PG Coupe
Body 262389
Trim 740
Paint R
65 Corsa 140 Coupe
10737 2-7-8
Body 269506
Trim 713
Paint Y
B70 M20
RB motor
66 Corsa 140
10737 2-4-4
Trim 895
Paint F
Wood wheel

The Body tag has a typo.  It says "S82", which #1 isn't an option and #2 would never come before M20 because they are listed in decending alphabetical order.
It should read A82, for headrests, which have unfortunately been sold, and are not in the car.
Pretty much rusted away.  The 'Brier on the far left is so far gone that the whole passenger side caved in.  However, the camper package on the middle 'Brier is salvageable, and a pretty trick (albeit ugly) installation.
'66 Red/Red 110/PG Monza vert
Body 262659
Trim 740
Paint R
M35 TP10

This one appears to be the best of the bunch, and Don's personal 'Vair.  He has added different features from the other 'Vairs onto this one.
The pics from this point forward are in a second barn located a short drive away.  To conserve space he has actually jacked up the end of the front 'Vair and shoved the second underneath, same with the third, it went under the second.

Because of their positioning we weren't able to get body tags on any of the EMs, just the late 'vert.  There is also a LM in here that has been modified for a Kelmark V8 kit.  I seem to recall Shawn mentioning that it had disc brakes on the front as well (but don't quote me on that)

EM coupe #1 was not so good, but #2 and #3 were certainly restorable, to the best of my recollection.    

No info on this one.


'65 Corsa vert 140
10767 2-3-19
Trim 798
Paint D
B70 M20 TP10