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Photo taken in 1987 soon after Bernie got the car.

The car is VIN # 610767000163

Kent Sullivan is studying (and restoring) the Canadian 1966 Turbo Convertibles. Here's (paraphrased) what he had to say about Bernie's:

Wow, this is a super-early production car! The body serial numbers
started at 260001, so this is the 74th car off the Oshawa line in 1966!
This is the earliest '66 Cdn. Turbo 'vert in the registry.

1-8-9 = built during the first shift of August 9, another way to confirm
its early production.

R = Regal Red

740 = Red upholstery & door panels

C06 = power top
M20 = 4-speed tranny
L87 = turbo engine