2007 Corvairitis Treatment Day
to be held in
Kamloops, BC 
in conjunction with
Hot Nite In The City August 10/11/12.


If you will be participating in the Corvairitis Treatment Day Banquet or the Valve Cover Race, please complete the registration form below and submit  to Merv Krull at Western Canada CORSA. This is IN ADDITION to your HNITC registration that goes to the HNITC organizers.

CTD Banquet & Valve Cover Race Registration Form                              Valve Cover Race information and rules   

Follow this link to the home page of Hot Nite In The City where you will find the announcement that our beloved Corvairs will be featured this year! You will also find their registration forms for the Show and Shine and the Poker Run and the TShirts plus the event schedules and other information http://www.hotniteinthecity.com/index.html
Please let me know that you have registered as all registration forms go to the Hot Nite In The City organizers.


Please print the HNITC registration page on your printer. Use yellow or your favorite colour or photocopy it onto a coloured paper. Send the coloured copy to the HNITC folks. It will help us tremendously finding your registration amongst all the others. BIG THANX!
Stay tuned for information about Corvairitis T shirts and the awards banquet after the show.
The Plaza Heritage Hotel,
405 Victoria Street,
Kamloops, BC, V2C 2A9
is the host hotel for not only our group, but also is the centre of activities for Hot Nite In The City. You will get special lower room rates ($89 single Queen) when you let them know that you are with the Corvair group! Call Kim at 250-377-0913 or toll free 1-877-977-5292 or book online at http://www.plazaheritagehotel.com/default.htm . I strongly recommend booking your rooms earlier than later as this hotel will fill up quickly with this event.
For those who wish to camp, several Corvair folks have already reserved sites at 
Knutsford/Kamloops RV Campground:
2721 Highway 5A S 3, Box 120,
Knutsford, British Columbia
Canada, V0E 2A0
(250) 372-5380 and talk with Elson or Evelyn
Directions: take Exit 368 from Highway 5A to Merritt. 6 km south of Kamloops. Huge open lawns. Group rates. Campground is clean, green, serene. Rates are $30 full hookup, $27 for power and water, $20 for dry camping. Let them know you are part of the Corvair bunch and they will try to group us together.
There are several other activities that will encourage you to stay a bit longer in Kamloops:
A Steam Powered Train Excursion,
The Wild Animal Park,
at special rates for Hot Nite In The City participants
as well as
Free Concerts at the Bandshell
Walking the River Trail,
to name a few.
Feel free to contact me:
Mervyn Krull - President
Western Canada Corsa
or krupross@sunwave.net

Border crossing information for attendees of Corvairitis Treatment Day:

This website provides all the information you need and then some. It was last updated March 2007.
To quote: "It is probably not a good idea to wear your legalize marijuana t shirt when you cross the border."
Picture ID and proof that you actually own this classic car should be all that is necessary.
Good Luck!

Registration Classification:


For those who have or soon will encounter the registration form for the combined Corvairitis Treatment Day and Hot Nite In The City, there are four major classifications, then several other categories. The four main classifications are only if you are interested in parking your vehicle in one of these theme areas. We will be prestaging all our Corvairs prior to entering the show area.
Vintage  applies to vehicles built before WW2.
American Muscle theme - Mustangs, Cudas, RoadRunners, Camaros, etc.
Sport Compact - Cobras, Minis, MGs, etc. I think a sweet Monza Turbo coupe or convertible would fit this group too!
Street Rod T Buckets, Willys, 32 Highboys, vehicles built to race, and probably Corv8s!
Our Corvairs will not only be judged within our usual categories: they will also be in competition with all the vehicles entered for the big Show And Shine.
The categories that would apply would be:
Collector 60/65 - stock
Collector 66/69 - stock 
Custom Car 49/69
Truck 49/69 - Stock FCs and UVs
Custom Truck 49/69  - FCs and UVs
"Unfinished" - bring it even if it needs a new top or paint or whatever!



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