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Stan East's Report on CTD 2002:


This is a follow up to Brian's report which I should have written sooner,
however being away from the computer for 15 days out of the last 28 has
messed up my VV never mind the important things. About mid-July it became
apparent that holiday plans to stay close to home and visit northern
Ontario for a few days in the first week of August needed to be shelved as
the mother-in-law needed help.  This required plane tickets to Vancouver
from Toronto and return. My wife suggested that we take along one of my
teenage daughter's friends so our daughter would not be bored. It just
happened that CTD fell on the last weekend of our trip (excellent planning
on my part I thought). So e-mails to Joel to register and get him to not say
I was coming since John and Karen Jacques of WCC are friends from Ontario.
Also a note to Kent Sullivan so that if he was coming to CTD we could meet.

The first week was spent taking my daughter and her friend to the beach,
3 University Registrar's offices and helping mom fix the family home. I
spent a good part of that time fixing the carport/deck as the deck post
caps were falling off, which lead to the posts being rotten which lead
to the fascia and joist being removed to replace the posts which lead to
discovering carpenter ants.  By Friday the carport/deck was re-assembled
so we left North Vancouver for Vancouver Island via the Horseshoe Bay to
Nanaimo Ferry. Friday evening we had planned to visit Buchart Gardens
something that in 32 years living in BC I had never taken the time to
visit. On the way out of the host hotel John Jaques is on his cell phone
to Joel talking about last minute CTD items when he suddenly sees me and
says to Joel on the phone "Oh my ___ Stan East". John had been
surprised!  Saturday was the Scavenger Hunt and therefore the tour of
Victoria which my daughter and her friend had not yet seen. So off we go on
the hunt and tour. The tour was actually made up of 2 vehicles from the
East family, our "Sethmobile" (large American make - Chevrolet
Impala -rental car suitable for touring and getting to Corvair events) and
my wife's sister and her 2 girls (instant family reunion). We (eight in
all) arrived at the Saturday BBQ to about 35 Corvairs. Almost the first
person to see us is Karen Jaques whos head turns in a double take as she
sees us and our now grown teenage daughter.

I spent the BBQ looking at the Corvairs and showing my Corvair that I
brought on the plane (half a dozen photos). The BBQ was excellent food
and the T shirts are as good as any conventions. Unfortunately my
daughter's friend (Lorraine)  had her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome hit just
before dinner. The Sethmobile's back seat became a place to crash for
her. After dinner my wife drove the Sethmobile back to the hotel with
Lorraine while my mother-in-law and daughter rode with John Jaques in
his early on the cruise. I had the opportunity to ride with several WCC
members (thank you - thank you) and Kent Sullivan which ended up being
Kent, Bryan and myself. Kent's 500 daily driver even with a 110 is
impressive due to the ride from the suspension modifications and the
neat seats with the integrated shoulder harness seat belts. The tour was
down the coastline from the BBQ back into Victoria past some of the most
beautiful views from Vancouver Island. The locals seemed to come out of
their homes and wave and point as about 20 Vairs toured past. Again WCC
was well organized with radio communication from the front to mid-point
to the rear Vair keeping everyone tightly together without interfering
with traffic. We even managed to fix Joel's fuel pump in mid-cruise (try
that with a shower knob!)

Sunday was the show with more Vairs. I only spent a short time there as
Lorraine was feeling better but still weak from the attack of yesterday
so we headed out early for the ferry from Swartz Bay to Tsawassen via
Active Pass. Monday I was on a plane home with the 2 teenagers. My wife
stayed to help her mother for another week. The past week was spent in
Pittsburgh on business so the DACC Homecoming and Museum Opening were
missed since I arrived back in Toronto Friday night after 10:00 PM
exhausted. I did however go out to Oshawa with my 66 factory A/C Corsa
Sunday to the GM Autofest Show put on by the Motor City Car Club. Over
1300 cars, 10 Corvairs including a 69 convertible. Eric Nielson's
Corvair won an award from the City of Oshawa and was in the Parade of

Next stop 4 Clubs at the Falls in Rochester Sept 6, 7 & 8.

Corvairitis Treatment? No, its an addiction!

Stan East
CORSA Ontario
Air Vairs
66 CORSA with AC