Corvairitis Treatment Day 2002 - Links

 Many attendees were kind enough to post photos and their own thoughts on their own pages. Here are links to those I'm aware of. Thanks to all that contributed!

 Howdy Folks;

 After lurking around for three years, I finally made it out to one of your events. I was impressed, needless to say! What a great weekend. I've got to get one of my Corvairs on the road! You guys have some really nice cars. There's just something about a Corvair. Anyways, kudos to Joel, and John, etc. What a well run event. I took a whole bunch of pictures. I think I got everyone's car. They're at Let me know if I screwed up anyone's name or car, or anything else, and I'll change it. Again thanks for a great event.

Mike Grew
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Joe Macmurchie's WWW.CORVAIR.CA page has a bunch of great photos at

CORVKID1's Yahoo photo page: 80 pics for your Corvair-viewing pleasure. Thanks Ron!

Agnes Sutherland submitted The Mother Of All URL's to link to an MSN Photo Page. Agnes, do you know who's page this is?